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Goat Trail Green
09-30-2006, 05:16 PM
Awesome that is the best way to sum it up !!

I had a riot !! I saw a KLR up on the levie when I was fixing a flat but no other dual sports. I rode 4 miles from my house paid 12 bucks and went riding !!!
It was so much fun. I saw a sign on the course saying 8 miles I am not for sure if there were any after that. A guy I talked too thought the course was 8 or 10 miles. I started at the end because that is where I ran ino the course 1st. They took old tires and layed them out in the spillway below the levie. It was completely flat except for a couple 4-5 foot deep ditches that they made jumps for or you you could go through. The jumps were awesome. Flat high speed take offs and the gap was only 8-10 foot. The cool part was it being flat atleast 50 yards before and 50 yards after sometimes even more. Now it was flat but not smooth. There were some nice 1 foot square trenches I am guessing trucks made in the mud. I opened the ole ATK up in 2nd and 3rd and let that rear tire hammer across and the front just hang. WOW was it fun. I would guess there was about 2-3 miles out in the open levie area then the rest was back in the trees. The woods section was A number 1. They had one bad down hill and 1 creek that you had to be careful on,especially with my 606,s they didnt like that slick black mud at the creek. There were probably 2 more water crossing and 1 or 2 more mud holes. All of these were either managable or drying out quick. I think there was one set of trees that my non cut Pro-Tapers made me think about the 1st lap but the 2nd lap I didnt even hesitate. Most of the woods just flowed.
I wish some more of you would have made it. The fast guys I just waved by and they waved a Thank You back as they flew by. The rest, we just had fun following each other taking turns passing and being passed...
I think I put on 47 miles is all

Ok now to get the cloths ready for the dual sport ride out of Plano tomorrow..
Take Care
Mike Green

09-30-2006, 07:19 PM
Cool! I wish I could have joined you out there. Just to ride on what the top guy compete on. I would have been a real eye opener for me, a good learning experience. I know I wouldn't have been doing any passing, but who cares. Any chance the course will be open for later dates to ride? It would be interesting to know what times the pros are putting down and then compare my own times. Anyhow, hope to hear some more about it over breakfast at Sonic. See ya

09-30-2006, 08:22 PM
I wanted to ride there today but the rules said full MX gear which I don't have yet :headbang: so I had to pass this GREAT opportunity by...

Maybe next year...


Goat Trail Green
09-30-2006, 11:36 PM
I wanted to ride there today but the rules said full MX gear which I don't have yet :headbang: so I had to pass this GREAT opportunity by...

Maybe next year...


Bummer I wish you would have said something to me. I had some stuff I could have loaned you. There was a guy riding with a tank top and chest protector. I think boots and a helmet and you would have been fine....

Jim the race is tomorrow Sunday. We will talk at breakfast. I was going to call you this afternoon but time got away from me. Make sure to set your alarm !!!!!!!!!!!1

Mike Green

Plane Dr
10-01-2006, 11:45 PM
So that was whats up. I drove by today and saw something going on. I might just have to visit" there this week" to check it out. Not sure what normal access is like but you can hop the tracks at the Mexican consulate and get up there.

10-03-2006, 06:15 PM
Sounds like a nice place to ride. Too bad there aren't any places like that near north Houston.