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Goat Trail Green
10-12-2006, 05:17 PM
So I will start by saying Scoot has to come on and tell you his adventure before he even made it to Farmersville. He was coming in from Sulpher Springs.
I drove up as planned to Farmerville and had breakfast at the diner. A few minutes later i went out and starting installing my new Wolfmann tank bag and moving tools and supplies around. About 1030 Mike and Al show up. Scott and I meet both of them and we wait a few minutes for Todd to show up. Theres and a Honda,3 Suzukis and an ATK. Half way into this a local stops and says hello. To my shock he has an ATK 605 and lives in Farmersville. Who would have ever guessed. I got his number so he can go ride with the next time we go out.
After a quick chat we head to Merit. The plan is to ride at your own pace and meet at the 1st cross road you come to. Scott and take off to calm the adrenline. We run to the 1st major cross road and stop. I make a quick clutch adjustment while we wait. After a couple minutes we head back. Unfortunatly Mike hit a jump and spilled. In the process he took a good hit to his knee and little finger. After getting his bike back in order and walking it off a bit he ahs decided to ride a bit and see how it is. Unfortunatly at the 2nd cross roads it is bothering too much. Him and Todd decide to take the cravel roads back from there. XR650driver,Plane Dr and I go on the gravel around the section where the farmer does not want us riding it. XR650driver come thoruohg it earlier and said the farmer cut a tree down across the trail and drug more ralroad ties out. We all decided for 700 yards of trail lets just take the road around thier house and we did both ways. We also found the place to go into Celeste by the baseball fields and not come near the bike path... Right Scott LOL ;)
We road the way to Pecan Gap and truned around at FM 904. From Farmerville this made for an 86 mies round trip with an awesome lunch on the way back in Wolf City at none other than El Arbol II........ We parted ways with xr650 driver and Al and I ran a nice clip back to Farmersville.
What an excellent day!!!

Plane Dr going around some construction !! If you notice the hole on his left. It loked to be some major work someone was doing besides trying to block the path.....


I think we need to clear a few branches in a few spots or I need to duck lower LOL :)


This is at the resturaunt. I am getting to think I could be a regular !!!


As always it was great meeting everyone. Al for not riding off road in 2 years it came back pretty quick !!
Mike Green -- Billyji

10-12-2006, 08:20 PM
Oh Mike, are you going to make me admit what happened to me on the way to Farmersville??

First of all, I turn off of I30 to take a nice looking FM road to Commerce. THe morning air is crisp, the BRP is tugging at its leash, so I let her rip. Up comes the front wheel in 2nd, shift to third, front still pawing at the air, fourth, and she's still sitting with the front high off the ground. As I set her down, I look back and see the sheriff truck behind me with all lights a blazing. :eek2:

After signing a WARNING only :sun: , I am back on my way. Everything is good as I enter Wolf City and start the trail. I rider into Celeste, AVOID THE WALKING PATH, and ride down a dirt road. Up flies the city cop with the light wailing. He says that someone saw a bike on the walking path. I informed him that I was no where near the walking path. He said fine and left.

AS I get near Merit, I notice a major tree on the path. I go around that, hit a railroad tie on the path, jump it, then land on the next railroad tie. This time I fall over. SOme $%#@%$ booby-trapped the trail.
Anyway, I make to Farmersville ok and set off with Mike and the gang.

I was sorry to see that we lost two of our members early, I know they would have had a good time. We were cautious on the way up, but had a faster pace coming back.

10-12-2006, 09:22 PM
Yup... I knew better then to try and keep up. That's the reason I'm selling my KDX and got the DRZ... to TRAIL ride, not to jump and do tons of tight single track (most of Muenster, etc).

Was going about 15mph faster then I usually would have been, trying to semi-keep up... bad idea. Hit the first burn, landed okay.... the second one was a surprise (going to quick?), and I killed the throttle (big mistake), and hit it... endo'd, but rode it out, went off the trail into the grass toward the trees, then low sided. Of course... that's not the end, since the bike decided to highside me too, and a tumbling I went.

Having had surgery on both knees... I was concerned, cuz they (and my legs) were killing me for a minute or so. Todd and Al finally shut my bike off and picked it up, while I worked through the pain. Al helped me up, and I tried walking it off. Both legs (knees as far as I could tell) were hurt, jambed my left thumb, and hurt my right index finger. Also got some rash on the back of my left upper leg.

Once I got back home... and got undressed, I got to access the damage better. Right leg (side of knee down to side of calf muscle) took the first main impact when I lowsided (**** MX pants!), as well as my right index finger (It's still mostly purple today). After the high side, tumble, etc is when I must have nailed the left knee (knee/shin protectors flipping wildly I'm sure). The knee cap itself it quite sore, but there is an impact wound close to the middle of it... basically a bleeding hole. Also got the rash and sore upper leg at this point, as well as the jambed left thumb.

I slept last night with my full leg brace on the left leg, just to keep from bending the knee and bleeding all over. I continue to try and bend it as little as possible. The right leg still hurts and causes me to limp just from the impact to the muscle itself. That knee feels fine. Thumb is also recovering fairly quicky. However, the back of my left upper leg is real sore as well.

Sleeping last night... well, didn't get much. Really hope tonight is better, but I'm not expecting much. Lesson learned... keep your own **** pace! I preach it on the street, and should do the same on the dirt!

Glad you guys had a good ride :) Oh, and thanks Todd for following me back and helping me load up the trailer.

BTW... bike is still on the trailer, and trailer is in my garage. Only real damage seems to be the right bark buster.... which should be an easy fix. Road fine back to the trailer after the fall, so I'm sure all else is fine.

Plane Dr
10-12-2006, 10:41 PM
Okay so this was a hoot. Great run. Mike had an incident but lived. Todd went back and later found a play area. Hmmm.

The chap trail seems to end around 904 you start running into gates. Plus a couple locals who seem to confuse county roads with private property. Anyway for the most part Wolfe city is the end so it is kinda short. Now there there seems to be some good dirt and gravel roads sooo....

Thanks for the tour Biilyji and xr650driver, **** those bikes are fast. My DRZ is going to need some excersize. Never mind the pilot! A couple tylenol later for a good sleep.

Sounds like Mikes bike is in better shape than mine, and mine stayed upright. A few of them low hanging branches are pretty thick, I bounced a few off the front of the DRZ. At some point I tore one of the spoilers off my acerbis guards. It tore the mounting point off completely. They are almost beat enough I can "mod" em. Plus I mashed a mirror, that's what I get for leaving the fly swatters on. Nothing serious though. Like Billyji, adds "character". :mrgreen:

Goat Trail Green
10-12-2006, 11:42 PM

Your story was too good not to tell...

Mike I am glad you are recovering. the way you handled it I had no idea how bad it was. Let me know if you need anything. What does Todd sign in as ??

Al it was a great ride..I would love to trim a couple trees and maybe put a sign up at the Farmers section that we are going around...

Mike Green

10-13-2006, 05:10 AM

Man...sounds like those vigilante farmers have been lurking on this board...:moon:

MORE BOOBY TRAPS!!!!:angryfire

Glad you guys are ok...

Kudos to Scott for his impressive skill (or luck?) with the Local LEOs!!!

10-13-2006, 05:19 AM
<<Scott for his impressive skill (or luck?) with the Local LEOs!!!>>


it was all skill. Good clean living, actual hair on my head, and no tatoos.:rofl:

Are you kidding, LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY...:giveup:

When's that KLR coming back to Texas?

10-13-2006, 07:38 AM
Todd is here at Tapntx.

I'm feeling quite a bit better overall this morning, but last night I noticed that my left knee is quite swollen, and it is actually not letting me bend it much more then about 60 degrees or so. Fine for walking, so not a killer. I'll work it out after swelling goes down, etc. As I said... live and learn :)

Goat Trail Green
10-13-2006, 10:03 AM
Yohhhhhhhhhhhh Bullfrog

Good to hear from you.

The other farmer in Pecan Gap was nothing compared to his wife. We know who wears the pants at that house WOW :)

Yeah get back to health and we can try it again Mike

Ok I have to get to work Centerville in 5 hours. The 300 plus mile Saturday am..My new GPS (76csx) came in I need to get it and the rest of my luggage mounted for a test run....LOL wow my bike might look almost like Bullfroggggggggggs in a couple hours...It will be a KLR wanna be. I am still amazed at what you had onboard !!

Mike Green

10-13-2006, 05:47 PM
Wow! Mike, I hope your knee keeps getting better. Sounds like ya'll had a heckuva time. Maybe, I can join next time.

10-13-2006, 06:22 PM
Good clean living, actual hair on my head, and no tatoos.:rofl:


What's up with the farmer and his wife???

Was there an actual confrontation???

BTW, let's see a pic of your cargo rack....I imagine it's gonna be BIG to hold all the stuff you were hauling around in your hip pack....your body english is gonna be all outta whack now!!!

10-13-2006, 08:02 PM

We went down a county maintained dirt road and stopped at a cattle guard. Some farmer came up to us and asked if we had permission to be there. Mile had a friendly conversation with him, the end result being the farmer says we have no business on the trail and that it was private property. IN the meantime, I am checking my GPS which has the road labled as a county road. ANyway, we leave down another county road and pass in front of the farmer's house. An old lady flags us down. She asks me if wee cut her rope??? I say we didn't touch any rope.ike and Al stop and talk to her, I just leave her there. ASk Mike and AL catch up, I point to the county road sign marking the dirt road we came down. I did not know that farmer's could own county roads.:doh:

Anyway, they were just a bunch of crabby old farmers that hate to see anyone have a good time. No big deal. They did not know what they were talking about.

10-13-2006, 09:28 PM
Wow...gotta love those types!!!!

Were these the same farmers who have been constructing all of those traps out there???

10-13-2006, 09:44 PM

Side question....

What is a "BRP"????

Plane Dr
10-13-2006, 10:12 PM
The booby trap was at a different spot these were just cranky old locals.

BRP=Big Red Pig

10-14-2006, 06:29 AM
As Plane Dr says

BRP -Big Red Pig, a title of affection given to the XR650R.

No, these were different farmers. I really think that as traffic picks up on the trail, these locals are getting unhappy. Don't know why.

Plane Dr
10-14-2006, 04:49 PM
Looking back I can now say I have seen pigs fly.....

Sorry just a flash of insight.

10-14-2006, 06:40 PM
I'm not cool enough to have a BRP....

In keeping with the barnyard theme...I have a BGK....

BIG Goofy Kaw!!!

Where are you guys gonna play now that the Chaparral is hostile territory???

10-15-2006, 01:47 AM
I am going to find a bunch of county rds and post private property signs. Then I am going to get a bulldozer and make sweet jumps and single track in the public parks around Plano. If someone comes along thinking they can plant peanuts near my private county rd or jog in my private city park, well, we'll just have a confrontation, and I'll sabatoge their Nikes.

Just kidding, I don't know how to drive a bulldozer. :(

10-15-2006, 03:40 AM
Just kidding, I don't know how to drive a bulldozer. :(
I'll will be teaching a bulldozer class next week. :mrgreen:

Goat Trail Green
10-16-2006, 12:05 PM

500 miles later this thread has taken off... LOL

Basically we had a great ride.
Theres a farmer right north of Pecan Gap in Delta county that has a wife who wears the pants in their family. The farmer and I discussed it and I said not a problem and headed out on the road. Then we meet his wife who wants to tell us the same thing her husband already told us. I politely tell her I had went over the same thing with her husband and planned to let people on the internet know. She then started all over again. I thenhit the Old Man button on my ATK and asked if she had'nt heard me say I understood and was planning on letting others know. She responded yes. So I said have a nice day and road off.
Round trip from Farmersville their is about 80-85 miles of Chap. trail. Once we hit delta county we can then switch to gravel and dirt roads if we want more miles.
Now back to booby trap famer we will call them. We now are taking a right heading north and going around his house on the road. It is kind of ironic that there are slow signs posted on the road before and after their house and now we are probably riding closer on a county road than we were when we were on the trail. Thats Ok though. We just drove slow around the house then took off again. To me this is a good comrpomise. We will see if anything changes the next time I/we go out.

I actually have no luggage rack I monuting it direct.... I will post a pic later. When I do it will be thinking of you

Mike Green