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11-16-2006, 11:21 PM
So Odessa/Midlands first 2007 Hayabusa arrived today at Midland PowerSports. Turns out it's my FatherinLaw Sam's new bike. Poor Sam he's in Colorado Working till next week so I guess its up to me to go out to the dealer and pick it up. Such a burden:yawn: but I guess I'll suffer through it.:trust: First off a special thanks to Rob, Jason, and Juan and all of the gang at Midland PowerSports for making delivery smooth simple and easy. The bike was prepped and clean, ready to roll when I arrived they had the seat cowl and grabrail in a box all I had to do was walk in, set down, and ride out!
Now about the bike:
Its still big! Its still bad! And this one is B L A C K !
As for acceleration or handling, I can't really say much as the bike was basically 0 miles and still under breakin. The motor is Busa smooooth and the only flaw seems to be a little intake noise around 1/4 throttle. Super manageable at low speeds without being overpowering. The ride was super smooth and relaxed but your immediatly reminded of the speeds by windblast over the low windshield. With cold pavement and cold tar snakes and new tires I Decided to err on the side of safety rather than aggression so I left a good 3/8th's inch chicken strip on each side of the rear tire. Whether it was the above conditions or just HP, I do know that the rear stepped out rather quickly with just light throttle in a low speed righthander easily catchable it never seemed unsettled at all, just smooth and sure footed every where. Even at a Modest pace on Rocky Lane(local twisty road) where my digital camera decided to leave the party early the bike stayed and played. Rollover to intiate turns is quite an affair as it requires heavy input at the bars and some moving off the bike to get it started over on its side, once there it stuck like glue and railed no sweat!
Pics will be coming in the next day or so and AFTER Sam gets to ride HIS new bike I'm hoping for a side by side comparo with the new ZX14. Until then I guess we will wait to see if the King is still on the throne or if theres a new TopGun in town!
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