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03-10-2007, 04:20 PM
This is a repost of my post over on Tiger1050.com


Ok, I have not yet been released by the Dr to resume normal activities but Triumph dealers were having an open house today and since I have gotten rid of the sling and am feeling better I thought I would take the Tiger for a ride.

They had a White one (Non ABS) on the showroom floor and I like it. Rode a Black one and it is a nice looking bike but the White is Striking.

Only problem is all the graphics Triumph already put on the bike. There is so much blue on the White bike that any added graphics (pinstripes, graphics, designs, etc) almost have to be either black and white or Caspian Blue. I really wanted to do some striping in Red but it will just not get it with the factory graphics.

The dealer handed me the keys and said be back in two hours. I said this is my first time on a bike since my accident September 11 and I will be back in about 20 minutes.

Took the bike on a short ride. No back roads or twisties within easy reach of the Dealer so I rode around on some quiet city streets, back street alleys and hopped up on the Freeway for a short ride.

My observations -

Same as everyone else I found the bike had a great ride and great accelleration.

Suspension - I was on one street with a very rough surface and did not even realize it until I had to stop for a light and the speed got slow enough that the suspension was no longer effective.

Seat Heighth/lowering - I had expected to want to lower the bike but after the ride and thinking back I remembered no discomfort stopping for several traffic signals, so I will most likely leave the suspension as it is and may either get the lower seat or have the stock seat scooped and narrowed a little.

Ergonomics - I definately need risers. The one thing I noticed was that with my arms and torso in a comfortable position I had slipped forward on the seat several inches. When I would slide back to the rear most part of the seat the riding position was slightly more agressive than I normally like. However, the bulk of the riding was at around 50 mph so being at speed on the open road may push me up some.

Engine - One of the things I specifically checked (after my experience with the Multi V-Twin) was engine speed/lugging in the 35-55 mph range. In the 50-55 mph range you could ride the bike in 4, 5, or 6 gear without substantial jerkiness or engine lugging. However in 4th at this speed the tach said the RPM's were somewhere above 5k and there was a bit of buzziness in the pegs. I doubt this would translate to the same buzziness in 6th on the open road at those RPM's but did not test this theory.

Wind/buffeting - I did not have any buffeting at any speed up to about 75 mph. The wind however, hit me at the upper chest/neck level. I am afraid this will come up to around head height once I put risers on the bike and am sitting further back and more upright than on a stock bike. Like others on here, I have found generally that noise and buffeting are helped by cutting down and not increasing the size of the windscreen. The one caveat to this is a wind screen so large that you lock thru it rather than over it and I do not plan on putting anything like that on the Tiger. I have tried wider screens, taller screens, laminar lip, etc and have found that for me there are two choices to eliminate wind noise and buffeting. A shorter Sport Screen or a barn door. I am opting for the shorter sport screen. I do not know if Triumph will market a sport screen or I will have to cut down the stock screen. So for all you guys who put the touring screen or after market screens on your Tigers I amy be in the market for a good used stock screen soon.

Levers - Adjusted to their closest and I noticed my wrists getting tired on this short 20 mile ride. This may be partially due to the fact that I have not ridden since September and have done no grip strengthening exercises during that time but I just think the levers need to be closer to the grips. Plus I love the way look and adjustability of the Pazzo levers.

Specimin bottle - I know this is very shallow but if the Master Brake Cylinder were not so easy to cover or change, it is so ugly, it would almost be a deal breaker. God I hate that thing. However it looks like the Kuryakyn one NordicCat found may fit and I may just have to order one before delivery so they can change it out and bleed my brakes before I pick up the Bike.


Dealer tells me that the official word is that my bike is due in by March 20. They acutally may be expecting it sooner but not to place any hope in that.

Since my next Dr appointment is March 27 and I can not pick up the bike before then, this is very good news to me. The bike should be there and waiting when I am able to ride it.


03-12-2007, 11:35 AM
I posted my own review. I like that bike.