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10-24-2004, 02:15 PM
Dyna Sports post on good state parks here in texas got me thinking about camping gear. Now that I have the ST, I plan on doing some camping trips with Christopher. Now we are not new to camping, but I'm wondering what type of compact gear everyone finds useful for bike camping?

What do most people do about cooking? What is the best lightweight stove for the money?

I already have a compact tent and sleeping bags that I think will fit the bill, but I'm interested to know what everyone else brings along.



Tx Rider
10-24-2004, 06:28 PM
I'll be using one of these


But I'm a sucker for old timey stuff and this design is basically over 100 years old, it's still a great backpacking stove, and you could use two on a bike. It's made for white gas and a little metal bottle of coleman fuel works fine and fules it for days. It takes about 4oz to fill and burns for about an hour on that.

They have a littl bigger one as well in a case if you can actually find one. I may get one of these at some point.


This one also comes highly recommended


Or you can get one of the many many butane hiking stoves, but you have to get the right butane at freezing temps as some has a boiling point right around freezing and loses pressure.

I've not done a lot of bike camping, so I'm going to see what converts over well from back packing and canoe trips. I usually use dehydrated meals for that, add water and cook supplemented with a few extra spices and sides I might bring along. Packs real light and small and some of it is very good once you get the hang of cookin it.

I very much enjoy rolling out of a tent on a cold clear morning in the middle of nowhere, firing up some coffee and just enjoying being outdoors.

10-24-2004, 06:58 PM
Well, I started camping on the bike in 1970. I have found a zillion things that don't work well and some that do. I use a Coleman Dual Fuel small stove. It burns regular gas, so I can refill it from my tank. I use several different sleeping bags depending on where I am going and the expected weather. These range from a huge bag for when I camp in the mountains in the fall to a silk bag that I use in only warm weather but which, when rolled, is the size of a fist. I use a ThermaRest sleeping pad unless I take a Cycle Cot. Both roll to about 6" by 23". One thing I do to save time and space is to save my worn out underwear and socks. (Stay with me here). When they are ready to be tossed out, I wash them one more time and put them in a special place until the next trip. When I change out of the old ones, I just throw them away on trips. It saves packing room and laundry. I have different coats and pants which depend on the destination and weather again. For a tent, I have a Eureka® A-Frame, 4 man. I also have a Cabela's Alaskan Guide dome (4-man) if the weather will be really nasty.
I hope this helps. :chug:

10-24-2004, 08:42 PM


Just be careful... It's like being turned loose in a candy store!


10-24-2004, 09:03 PM
Pete ... I've got a membership out at REI ... I'll head out there to browse through the camping gear next weekend if you want. All this talk about camping and new bikes has got me itching to plan another trip soon!