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09-18-2007, 04:27 PM
Well, CBAT came up and helped me do the inaugural ride of the newly plated WR250. He had been asking me if a 250 was enough to haul him around. He's only a little taller and a little heavier than I am, so I figured it might. So we made tentative plans to meet sometime on Monday, but I had work to do on the WR first.

So, I decided to take Monday off and work the bureaucracy. First thing in the morning, well 8am, it is vacation. I head over to Irondawg's favorite inspection place with my paperwork in hand. 10 minutes later I'm walking out with my green sheet inspection. So, back by the house and unload the bike and head for the Round Rock county annex. Hope it hasn't moved, since I haven't been there in years. Nope, its still there...but closed for remodeling. Off to the Cedar Park office and I run into a friend there so I get to chat with him for the short wait. 15 minutes later and $295 lighter, I have a plate in hand. I love it when things go smoothly.

Around 1pm, Bruce shows up. We shoot the breeze a little and I tell him the pro's and con's of the DRZ400 and the WR250 and then its ride time. :rider:

He starts off on the DRZ since I have no idea how the WR is on the road and don't want him to discover any weird handling problems. Did a loop, passed a cop sitting in a median. He did mosey along and catch us at the next light, but saw the plates and kept going. However, because he was there we didn't hop the median and head for the dirt behind a construction area. Quick loop around and we are near my old wandering area. We swap bikes and do some street, then head for the dirt. And found mud. Nice clay mud that likes to stick to the bike and really clump up. We swapped bikes a couple of times, then headed back to my house.

Good little test ride and Bruce got to try out a 400 and a 250 on the pavement. I think he liked the DRZ better. It definitely feels more planted, but the WR is a hoot in the neighborhood. I played with the jetting after he left, then took it out for another spin. Made the mistake of going near the elementary school as it was getting out, much to the dismay of the mothers walking their little boys home. :lol2: Their little feet stop moving and their jaws drop open as they point at the dirt bike going by. I can see the dirty looks on the mother's faces as they tug on the kid's hands to get them going again. What is it with little boys and motorcycles? :pirate:

What a good vacation day.

Sorry I didn't take a single picture.

ps. The nice part about the clay mud is that it shrinks as it dries...and falls off in the garage all by itself.

The Bruce
09-18-2007, 04:32 PM
It was a hoot! :clap: I got to play with a couple of nice bikes and met a nice guy. It was a good day. Thanks again Rusty. :rider:

The Bruce
09-18-2007, 05:17 PM
A guy on ADV says the 14 tooth cs sprocket does great for him on his WR250. Thought you'd like to know. ;-)

09-18-2007, 06:07 PM
Rusty, if you swap sprockets please let me know what you end up with for final gearing. I am playing with my plated XR250, swapping sprockets. I have it set pretty steep at 13/40 right now. I am locked into a 13t front due to clearance issues. The stock 13/48 was way too low for street duty, first gear was meaningless on pavement. Just want to compare what ratios work well for other 250s. Thanks

09-19-2007, 08:58 AM
Thanks, my WR250 is still the stock 13/52 and first is worthless offroad and on. I'm going to run down to Cyclegear at lunch today and see if they have a 14 tooth front in stock. That'll change the the final ratio from 4.00 to 3.71. I don't know what the XR250 5th gear ratio is like compared to the WR, but it's probably similar. I'm hoping to get a more comfortable RPM at 65mph.