View Full Version : Hammer Run - NJ 90 Mile DS

11-08-2007, 09:27 AM
I saw this post over at KTMTalk and asked the poster, Oldbuck for permission to post it here so y'all could enjoy it also. I can't remember if it was last year or maybe the year before that I saw another post on this run or one very much like it in NJ. It looks like they put on a good run every year that if I was ever in the area, I'd have to ride it if possible.

Here's a couple hcam clips from the Hammer Run last weekend in NJ - a 90 mile Dual Sport with a 18 mile 'Hero' section a the end. Very sweet ride - TCSC did an outstanding job on the event - a ride not to miss next year if you didn't make it to this one.

These are from a pretty fast open section:
Fire cut 1 (http://www.familyriders.org/tcsc/fcs.wmv)
Fire cut 2 (http://www.familyriders.org/tcsc/fcg.wmv)

These clips are from the Hero Trail - I had an absolute blast on that trail - hi-light of the day!
Hero 1 (http://www.familyriders.org/tcsc/heroa.wmv)
Hero 2 (http://www.familyriders.org/tcsc/hero1.wmv)
Hero 3 (http://www.familyriders.org/tcsc/hero2.wmv)
Hero 4 (http://www.familyriders.org/tcsc/hero3.wmv)