View Full Version : EBC HH brake pads on the VFR 800

05-14-2003, 01:19 AM

:tab The front brakes on my 01 VFR 800 were pulsing at low speeds for some time now. The pads still looked like they still had plenty of material left though. On advice from my mechanic, I installed new pads. I decided to try the EBC HH pads on the front since he sells them at a good price. The swap of pads was a piece of cake. I cleaned the rotors, lightly sanded them, then cleaned them again. I have since bedded the new pads and they feel incredible. The pulsing is completely gone now. I really like the feel of the new pads, I just hope they don't eat away my rotors :shock:

:tab I did the same thing to our 98 VFR as well. It is strange that on both bikes, it appeared as if about 1/3 of the pad material was still present. However, the old brakes just felt really crappy. I had even recently bled the linked brakes, no change. :? But now, new pads and bled, love it!