View Full Version : Thanks Zenman! (Seat Adjustment)

12-22-2007, 06:27 AM
Zenman, thanks for taking the time to photograph the procedure and explain the steps - PERFECT!!!

Greatly appreciate the time you spent doing this, and this is an example of why these boards are so very valuable.

Moving the seat up greatly improved my comfort (not sliding and less pressure on the tail bone). It did move the center of gravity up a bit - something not really desired because the Bandito already has a pretty high center, but I'll get used to it.

Thanks again and happy holidays.


12-22-2007, 06:28 AM
Sorry, it probably would have helped if I had included his link again. http://forums.banditalley.net/index.php?topic=9058.0

12-22-2007, 05:17 PM
Just curious but why would you thank him on this board? He's not a member here as far as I know. :uhoh:

12-22-2007, 07:13 PM
Whoops - liked to his site and wasn't paying attention. It's the spirit of the season and I was so happy with the seat adjustment and the change it made in my riding position that I got carried away.:mrgreen:

12-22-2007, 09:27 PM
A lot of us cross the forum lines...Bandits Unite!:rider:

12-23-2007, 08:20 AM
What Greg said!!!

Bandits Unite, The Power Of One! :patriot:

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