View Full Version : Fuel injector covers

12-24-2007, 05:30 PM
I just finished up my latest project, which was to come up with some better looking, larger covers to replace the small stock chrome plastic fuel injector covers on each end of the throttle body.

I started off by designing up a billet mounting bracket that attaches to the existing 6mm threaded mount that the stock cover attches to.

I then designed up some cover plates that I cut out of .06 thk aluminum sheet.

They are attached to the mounting bracket with two small screws, and the whole assembly is very stout.

I am not sure if I am completely happy with them as they are, but it a start in the right direction IMHO. I had also painted them a silver color thats close to the color of the engine but It did not look nearly as good as they do in semi-gloss black, but at this point, I do like them better than the stock covers look.

I was just digging thru my collection of screws, and found 4 black pan head phillips screws to replace the S/S ones in the picture, as I think the S/S screws are to much of a contrast against the black paint, and draw to much attention to the covers, and that the covers will blend in better with black screws.

I'll post up a new picture with the black screws in a couple of days.

I am also thinking about taking the plates over to my friends house, and using his sheet metal break, to put a small 10 degree bend or so on the back end of them, so they aren't so flat looking, which I have a feeling will improve the looks of them, and maybe even a couple of small slots, like the stock covers have.

Anyway, I'll keep messing around with them until I am happy with the way they look. ;-)