View Full Version : Check you lower engine mounts

03-10-2008, 10:47 AM
Mine were slightly loose after 5500 miles. I have noticed a little more vibration between 3~4k rpms lately. So I got the torque values and checked, all were good except the lower two in the front, suppose to be 34 ft. lbs. mine were at about 26~28 roughly. I have not rode it yet to see if that solved the vibration problem, just ran out of time late sunday evening. I bet it solved the problem though. I need to put a wrench on the frame down tube connection points as well. The small bracket bolts into the fram on the lower mounts were okay just the center big bolt into the engine were the ones loose.

03-11-2008, 01:45 AM
Roy, good point. I too noticed what I thought was more vibes in the bars recently but in my case I had removed and reattached the bolts for the footpegs and the long front engine mount bolt while trying to install my SW-Motech engine guards.

Had to get a new stock engine mount bolt since I messed up the SW-Motech one, bike is back to stock with all bolts snugged up tight .... now I better check with a torque wrench.

Still waiting for that replacement bolt to arrive so I can complete that engine guard install! Good thing Suzuki of Oakland was on it and mailed me that replacement engine mount bolt quickly so I could ride!