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05-14-2008, 08:51 AM
I can't survive long without a trunk: Here's the mount I made in a few hours, out of 1/8" plate steel. Mounted on it, is the Trunk just like JC Whitney's, except from EBay. Large 40L, for $54 shipped. It's great to have storage again!!


05-14-2008, 08:53 AM
Can you show us a close-up of your mount? It looks great!

05-14-2008, 09:28 AM
I got stuck going down a stone road (not fun) yesterday, so excuse the filth!

The upper flange is part of the right bracket, the left flange is simply angle bolted on, so I could easily get it all straight. Under the trunk mount, is a piece of aluminum diamond plate that I also happened to have on hand. The blue under the trunk is foam that I use to prevent rattles, and the center has a bolt thru it, with a spring pin, just in case the latch ever fails. I mocked up one side using cardboard to get the basic shape, then cut out both of 'em, clamped together, and finished/drilled, to insure they'd be identical.




05-19-2008, 11:00 PM
this is fresh thinking.

and after my weekend trip, i realise i might want something to handle putting stuff into. a larger tank bag, would do. maybe even a bag that ties down to the seat, behind me might be big enough for a longer trip.

once while i was talking to the animals, sitting trying to soak in the scenery looking out over the land, and back to the bike, i came upon this idea.

what i dont like about most of the saddlebags, that you can buy, is that they are mounted high, to clear the muffler, and match the clearance on the left/chain side.

i dont take passenger, and there is lots of room on the left side, so why could i not fit one bag, box, just on the left side, leaving the right side for the muffler only.

so heres the plan, search around and find a travel case, suitcase, aluminum box, something that would be the right size, and remove the left rear peg mount, make some mount for the bag, and try to end up with it mounted flush against the left side, mounted low, and out of the way.

i have decided to start a search for such a unique sized item, and see how easy it would be to attach, and fab the brackets for its mountings,

i think one of thos elumuminum cases would look good, i dont know how much they cost, but they look cool. its just a pipe dream now, but finding one with the right size, and shape, and look, might get me to work on the mounting brackets and attachments,.

the idea is just one bag, skinny and narrow, but deep enough and large enough to be usefull for storage of large portions of stuff,

one bag mounted on the left side. leave the right side for the muffler.

what do you think? any suggestions on a good sized bag, i can get one side, not with a crazy price, any leads welcome.
ideas? criticizms? just plan ol 'hey you' stuff, what do you think.

i'll start looking for aluminum travel cases, and firn d the price?

i like the idea as i type this, what do you think?

bike would still be low, unique in that it would be unlike othr bandits,
and if i can find one in aluminum, it would look cool.

i'm gonna brainstorm thjis for a few days, and see what comes of it.


05-20-2008, 04:02 AM
Pelican cases are popular for adapting to sidebag use. They make lots of sizes, and are said to be strong and tough as nails