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05-16-2008, 07:30 AM
Anyone done it yet? if so did they need adjusting? I want ask if it was hard since I have been under the tank already.:eek2: I am approaching 10k rapidly now that I am using the bike on the daily commute, 225 miles a week. Gas prices are not getting any better so I figured might as well use this thing plus I have all the riding gear required to do it. I have some pretty long trips in the next two months that will add 3~4 thousand more to the total. My experience with Suzuki Inline 4 engines wit hshim under bucket design is that they stay pretty much in adjustment. The V-twins like the V-strom 1000 and such basically come tight from the factory which I think is mostly due to trying to keep the engine noise levels down. The older Bandits withthe screw type adjusters would get off but they were easy to adjust for the most part. The top of the valve cover on the older Bandits was as cluttered as the new one, heritage I guess:doh:

Anyway I was thining of running mine to 20k before a check which I do not think will hurt it at all. These things are tougher than you might think. My valves have a click click sound cold now which is good lets me know there is a clearance there. The gap is wide on these things anyway. I really wish Suzuki would have not put the radiator cap and various hoses over the valve cover makes a relative easy job harder more time consuming.

Let hear from anyone who has done it or about to do it. Eventually all of us will need to go there so the more we discuss it now the more we will be ready.

05-16-2008, 08:44 AM
Yeah I am not looking forward to this. I will likely go past the recommended mileage also.