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04-30-2005, 06:51 PM
Hardware you say?

This is “sort-of” in the order that all of these things occurred.

1999BMW R1200C: (arrived home April 21, 2000)
Ordered with bike for delivery;
1) Hard shell, leather-covered bags
2) Engine protection bars
3) Oversized passenger comfort seat
4) Roman backrest adaptor
5) Sergent seat
6) BMW factory windscreen
Added myself;
7) Parabellum lower wind wings
8) Bar-type marker lights above and below license plate (later replaced with Halogens)
9) Throttlemeister
10) Throttleboss
11) 20W halogen running lights (independent circuit with relay)
12) LED running lights
13) LED flashing brake lights
14) 10W halogen tail lights
15) Gremlin bell
16) Chrome heat shields

1998 R1100RT: (arrived home November 24, 2001)
1) LED rear running lights (mounted inside turn signal housings)
2) LED flashing brake lights (mounted inside tail light housing)
3) Rectangular rear lights
4) 10W Halogen rear running lights (wired on independent circuit with relays)
5) 85W Halogen front running lights (wired on independent circuit with relays)
6) custom cut Parabellum windscreen (+2.5”H+4”W)
7) custom cut OEM windscreen for summer (-1”H -2”W)
8) custom (self built) touring seats for driver and passenger
9) 15” x 30” cargo rack made to fit original rear rack for camping gear
10) easy-to-remove backrest for the SO when we do not need the top-case
11) Ohlins racing shocks for lowering purposes (and some for the performance)
12) Re-enforced saddle bag mounts with stainless steel supports
13) Added K&N sir filter
14) Changed to GS intake tubes (increases mid-range torque)
15) Changed to 17” rear rim to make for easier fitting with Metzler ME880 tires

2000 BMW R1200C: (replaced the totaled ’99—arrived home October 7, 2004)
1) Custom two-tone blue paint job
2) LED flashing brake lights
3) 35W Halogen front running lights (wired on independent circuit with relays)
4) BMW factory windscreen
5) Hard shell, leather-covered bags
6) engine protection bars
7) Oversized passenger comfort seat
8) Roman backrest adaptor
9) custom (self built) touring seat and backrest for driver
10) front and rear side clearance lamps on mounted on stainless steel brackets
11) Black ceramic powder-coat on mufflers & headers !by Jet Hot
12) Changed sound and reduced back pressure by drilling four holes in each baffle.
13) Added K&N air filter
14) increased intake tube diameter
15) Parabellum lower wind wings
16) Cruise-a-lock (home-made of course).
And from the ‘99
17) Gremlin bell
18) 10W Halogen rear running lights (wired on independent circuit with reays)
19) custom (self built) luggage rack
20) Throttleboss
21) Chrome heat shields over black mufflers

Well, I guess that's about it--for now. Still have two Rebels that need some work. In fact one is a total restoration project bike. I can't wait to tackle that baby!