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07-09-2005, 11:05 AM
I am fixing to purchase a new lid and am looking for some unbiased reviews of different helmets. Does anyone know of a site that I can get information like safety reports on specific helmets. The one I am looking at is the KBC FFR Modular so if anyone has one and would like to comment on this helmet, please do. :-?

07-11-2005, 11:22 AM
Motorcycle Gear Review ( http://www.motorcyclegearreview.com/ ) allows users to post up their experience with different products. You have to take the information given with a grain of salt, but if a particular item has either lots of good reviews or lots of bad reviews, there's probably a reason for it. Unfortunately, they don't show anything yet for the KBC helmet you're considering.

07-11-2005, 02:59 PM
Thanks for that information. :chug:

07-11-2005, 03:46 PM
What happened to the helment you had in arkansas?Did you break one of the horns off?

07-11-2005, 04:08 PM