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Texas T
08-01-2005, 07:44 PM
Received via email today...

Garmin is pleased to announce that new software is available for the MapSource.

You can download the new software from our website by clicking the following link:


Changes made from version 6.5 to 6.7:

* This will be the last version of MapSource to support reading/importing PCX5 files. For future compatibility, please migrate your data to the GPX format.
* Added route road and area avoidances. To access avoidances, select “Manage Route Avoidances” on the Routing tab of the preferences dialog. Once avoidances are created, they are displayed on the main map, if appropriate, for the current map product.
* Added “Auto” option to the display of route avoidances. This will hide route avoidances when the map is zoomed out far enough.
* Added new “large” 24x24-pixel waypoint and map symbols. Select these symbols on the Display tab of the preferences dialog. Custom waypoint symbols can now be 24x24 and 32-bit color as well.
* Added the ability to show or hide the left-hand (user data) pane.
* Added tooltips to the waypoint symbol selector with the name of the waypoint type.
* Added celestial information dialog.
* Added schema extension to GPX for handling Garmin-specific data elements, such as waypoint depth. The location of the schema is documented in outputted GPX files.
* Updated the GPX Garmin extension (GPXXv1) to version 2 (GPXXv2) based on comments. GPXXv1 will not be supported.
* Added ability to manually set the Y-axis endpoints on vertical profile plots.
* Added “rest area” find subcategory.
* Added artificial reef and oil rig map symbols.
* Removed real-time tracking from MapSource. Use nRoute for PC real-time tracking applications.
* Made several map rendering performance improvements.
* Improved algorithm for selecting maps around tracks and routes.
* Improved error handling while transferring data to removable media and Garmin cards.
* Improved autoroute ETE accuracy.
* Improved MapSource’s behavior on a PC with multiple monitors.
* Changed wrecks, obstructions, and isolated dangers to display the corresponding spot depth when it is known. This is enabled by turning on “Spot Soundings” in the Display preferences page.
* Changed MapSource to use Windows XP styles on PCs that support this.
* Changed the track vertical profile to use the same graphing style as the route vertical profile.
* 'Find category types' are no longer displayed when they aren’t valid for a particular map product.
* Change to optimize deleting multiple waypoints from a route.
* Change to reduce flickering of pop-ups on the map.
* Change to validate trackpoint timestamps before they are sent to a unit.
* Change to make user- and non-user waypoint dialogs have consistent “Show on Map” behavior.
* Changed waypoint symbol images to remove duplicate symbols.
* Change to more gracefully handle the case where a user transferring maps to a Palm doesn’t have enough hard-drive space.
* Changed behavior of toolbar combo boxes to behave more like standard combo boxes.
* Change to show stacked pop-up windows over densely packed map features.
* Changed behavior of some BlueChart map features to display the name instead of depth.
* Change so that GPX route import doesn’t always autoname the route.
* Changed formatting of Japanese address results.
* Changed the default “Terrain Shading” option on the Display Preferences page to be 'on'.
* Changed vertical profile windows so that they remember their last size and position.
* Changed string “iQue” in Device dialog to “Palm OS Device”.
* Changed waypoints timestamp to not be updated when changing certain fields in the waypoint, such as symbol or display type.
* Fixed issue performing “Select maps around” feature when in the No Map product.
* Fixed issues with short route avoidances avoiding the wrong places.
* Fixed issues with MapSource opening GPX files with Garmin extensions.
* Fixed issue drawing selected subsections of tracks on the map.
* Fixed issue associated with having Worldmap 3.02 and many newer products installed at the same time.
* Fixed issue on the 'find places' dialog with the reset button not properly clearing fields.
* Fixed properties for some features not correctly showing their category and subcategory.
* Fixed import of GPX files to handle prefixed names.
* Fixed parsing of custom waypoint symbol image names to only allow numeric names, such as “003.bmp”.
* Fixed issue with selecting maps around routes or tracks with only one point.
* Fixed issue with some XML files using a large amount of memory to import.
* Fixed issue where columns in the track dialog list control sometimes were improperly hidden.
* Fixed issue with partial string searching in the name field of the 'find places' dialog.
* Fixed find results with elevation information in the name to use the proper units.
* Fixed issue related to renaming a route while looking at the driving directions.
* Fixed issue with slow UI response while hovering over some areas with the map tool.
* Fixed issues related to saving user data on Garmin cards.
* Fixed issue in route dialog with multiple selections being ignored when “Center map on selected item” option is checked.
* Fixed issues during map rendering.
* Fixed issue while zooming in on a 'found city'.
* Fixed issue in the find places dialog with displaying a street name with an “&” character in the name.
* Fixed route speed preferences to set Autobahn speeds to the highest speed category.
* Fixed issue with 'find places' dialog field auto-completion in some Asian languages.
* Fixed issue with the route dialog’s 'insert waypoint' dialog having odd initial selections.
* Fixed issue with trying to change the waypoint symbol on a Windows 98/ME PC.
* Fixed issue with MapSource not using the current datum when exporting DXF.
* Fixed issue with routes calculated in autorouting map products being transferred to non-autorouting GPS’s. This caused the via point list on the GPS to have incorrect names.
* Fixed feature category and subcategory filtering in 'find nearest' dialog.

08-01-2005, 07:55 PM
I don't think the update is available until Aug 3rd. When you click on the download link you just get a "File Not Found" message.


Never mind, it seems to be working now. Must have been an ID-Ten-T problem :oops:

08-01-2005, 08:19 PM
:tab I'd be happy if they would make it so you can turn off the waypoint labels. Whenever I transfer a route from the GPS to the PC, it adds labels to the waypoints. I cannot figure out how to get rid of them in Mapsource or on the GPS when (if) the route is sent back to the GPS. This is only a problem when going from the GPS tp PC. If I make the routes in Mapsource, they don't show up. And when I transfer the route to the GPS, they don't show up. But if I load a route from my GPS to the PC and then to someone else's GPS, they are there. It is a pain because they are so large that they often obscure the map you are trying to view :roll: Anyone else ever have this problem and figured out a way to fix it?

08-02-2005, 02:07 PM
Update is now available.

I just downloaded it - 6.7

8/2/05 @ 2:00 pm