View Full Version : Calling all Futura Owners

09-30-2005, 09:19 AM
I have read many times people rave about the headlights on the Futura.

Maybe I am just used to all the lights I have on the r1150GS. I hate riding the Futura at night on back roads. I ride with the bright lights on all the time and rarely get brighted. They seem really yellow and weak. There again, it could be I am comparing them to the HID's I have on the GS.

Has anyone done anything to improve the lighting? I added auxillary lights to the GS because the light pattern of the low beam just didn't seem like it would be any better with more light.

Anyone have any ideas? After nearly hitting a feral hog last night before last, I decided I need to do something or quit riding it at night.

09-30-2005, 10:00 AM
I went with these (http://www.autolamps-online.com/products/h7vpluscentre.htm). To me, it lit up the night noticeably better than the stocks, esp. the high beams. I've been happy with 'em. I've never had HIDs on any vehicle, so YMMV... ;-)

In terms of aux. lights, I've been jones'n for some MotoLights (http://www.motolight.com/), but haven't gotten around to getting any.

Also, I raised the beams a bit; you might think about that, too...