View Full Version : 2010 Honda VFR1200

06-24-2011, 10:05 PM
I had a chance to get on my friends 2010 VFR1200 for a while on a ride we had a few days ago. This is a very nice bike, it is quite nimble for a > 600lbs bike. I was also amazed how smooth and quite the motor was under full wrist turns. He has a Vance and Hines slip on with the db killer removed and it was much quieter then my B1250 when I have my db kill out.

For me the seat and pegs were too close and the riding position was a bit forward then I am used to. But I did like the display setup that it had. All of your information is very easy to read and the rear view mirrors were the clearest and smoothest that I have looked through. The single sided swing arm and shaft drive is quite smooth and there is no clunking or rear tire raising under spirted riding conditions.

The frame is quite stiff and with the stock clipon's the bike is willing to flick back and forth well for a 1200. You have the hi/low speed compression settings as well as preload and rebound front and rear. Front springs are not as nice as my Race Tech's but well ahead of what I had stock.

The motor is one of the smoothest and deceptively fast that I have been on that I can remember. My Bandit has a stronger lowend then the VFR but that is where it stops. At around 7K the VFR is up to speed and will wail out to 10.5K like a angry bird. However, it is very smooth and somewhat lulls you into thinking that your speed is not that fast, but you are thinking wrong. Why this bike will not pull your arms that hard like my B1250 does, it is quite a fast bike and will easly walk away from my B1250 (far from stock) in its stock form.

While Honda will charge you an arm and leg for its name this is a very nice bike to have if you need to cover lots of ground and like to take the corners at a smart pace.