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Hood Ornament
11-14-2005, 12:24 PM
Was a lot of fun. The weather was a bit cool in the morning but warmed up perfect by noon. 4 of us road out there and back. Me on my DRZ and 3 KLR's. We hooked up with Faisal and the crew on assorted MX/enduro bikes and tried to see how many of the KLR's we could destroy. :rofl:

Amazingly enough, Marty (KLR) ended up spending a lot of time riding with us and did really well considering how much that suckers weighs and his slight height impairment. (He's short) There were only a couple places he ended up having to find an alternate route. The other 2 KLR's took the more sane approach and did their own thing.

Rocky Ridge definately deserves that name. I must have bashed my skid plate a half dozen times out there. :shock:

It was a great day, with a minimum of carnage and injury. :-P

11-14-2005, 01:13 PM
Ride report + pics (no action pics this time).

What a ride, it was cold and withthe wind coming across the lake we decided to cross the dam and go deep into the woods to find a cozy camping spot. Since we started on the "hilly" side I mistakenly hit the seriously rocky gnarly schznit with the jageddest nastiest 3-4 foot staircase from the getgo, wheelying the drops and immediately stopping the bike for the next one, Hammer landed on Gary during one of these pinning him under the bike, was a funny sight, sorry Gary. Faisal2 busted his bark buster on a boulder, dude thats not fair, you're supposed to hit trees with them.

Next came a nasty rocky jagged uphill that had a 45 deg turn at the steepest part and a 2 foot rock outcropping x2 before you got to the top, somehow I made it, Gary got the brunt of it twice, once his leg was at a funny angle when stuck under the bike. Enough was enough, remember this is the first 15 minutes of the morning, Gary sez, "THATS IT ******, WE"RE SUPPOSED TO GET WARMED UP IN THE FIRST 30 MINUTES NOT KILLED *&&^%$*&%$##%%$#((*^%$%^%$%^ So we took the easy stuff for warm up and had no more "major" issues on them nasty rocks all day. Ran the enduro trail across the lake and that was a spirited run from Gary and totally fun. During the third run there is a sharp left with the hill on the right, the outter path looks easier but it drops into an abyss, twice I went for the outer path by instinct and had to slide the rear to make the inner path, Hammer went into the abyss and came out on the other side, that dude can ride the &^^% out of that lil bike.

Ran into the adventure folk on a rocky uphill offcourse, Marty, Albie, John, KLR1, KLR2, KLR3, Marty was helping someone get unstuck. All in all it was a very fun day, our camping spot was cool (on the other side of the dam). Rode Faisal2's WR, it's a bike designed for this stuff Marty got into some non KLR territory and managed great, he'll be right at home on a mountain goat like the KDX. Have pics at home will post a group shot later. Rocky Rodge turned out pretty cool after going to Muenster for so long.

My wrist is sore from hopping all them nasty boulders, could feel the sickening solid thud from the KX glancing the boulders. I dunno, Rocky Ridge sounds easy as compared to Muenster but if you get into the right/wrong parts it can be a handful.

On the last ride of the day we came across a steep rocky/bouldery downhill run that we had mastered in both directions. There were 2 dudes looking down at it not sure if they wanted to try it, here we come blasting out of the woods, they scramble to give us room and we went down them rocks without even a second thought and all of us made it in record time, we stopped after realizing that it was our quickest, smoothest and fastest descent on them boulders that day and everyone was still on their bikes and laughed about the perfect showoff oppertunity exploited to the fullest :-)




11-14-2005, 02:25 PM
Man, I have GOT to find a way to get me a dirt bike! :-|

dirt bomb
11-18-2005, 11:43 AM
say guys, just read about your dual sport/dirt bike ride.is the group going to ride the saturday after thanksgiving? i hope to go to red river park that day maybe we can hook up.i have kdx 220 and klr650 along with 2 street bikes.just found this fourm a couple days ago. keep me posted looks like fun!

Hood Ornament
11-19-2005, 10:34 PM
A bunch of us are heading up to AR for T'giving weekend, but we'll probably be out at RR, the following Saturday.