View Full Version : The new bike that fits me

11-15-2003, 08:10 PM
Well, it's not actually a new bike, it's a used 2000 kawa zx-7r....after my CBR (wich i loved) got trashed my an octagenarian big ***** truck driver, I got back in my 97 bandit 600 (wich I don't love it as much as the CBR)..decided that my thing was a sportsbike...so out the door the bandit, and enter the ninja........man what a difference, and incredibly, it's even more confy that the bandit (wich made my butt numb after just 30 min. on the saddle), the only issue with the kawa is that is heavier that the CBR , but Im getting used to it.

So, does anyone has any suggestions on adding some go fast goodies and eye candy?? you know, the usual, slip on, custom seats, and the like.

So far the only thing im sure I want to change in the bike is it's hideous reddish/purpleish color (the bike used to be kawasaki racing green, nice color) but I want the kawasaki Orange with black accent here and there.

Thanks in advance guys!

11-18-2003, 10:54 AM
Congrats on the new ride! I'm sure your going to have a great time with the power and the comfort of the Ninja.

Corbin makes a great seat for the Ninjas. I've got one on my 2K 9R and I can ride all day without getting sore. Its a great investment!

As far as the go fast - If you want to pump out a few more ponies, a full Muzzy exhaust system is the way too go.

Have fun and ride safe!