View Full Version : Plano DS ride report (short)

12-24-2005, 02:05 PM
Ok, so it wasn't much, but I got the 6-fidy into some proper off-road stuff today. Had to run from Garland to N Dallas on 190, and on the way back had a little time to kill.

Heading east on 190, just after the Campbell exit, there is a 2-story run down house on the south side of 190. It's set back off the road a little by some trees. I've seen it for years, and never remembered to stop and take a peek. Today I peeked... :)

I pulled to the shoulder of Bush, scooted across the frontage road and hopped the curb. Rode up to the house, then noticed the gravel driveway went a bit further south and ended at a gate. Stopping at the closed gate I noticed a bit of double track heading west along the fence (I don't open closed gates). Well, I just had to follow it...

That led me down past a barbwire fence that had long ago been knocked down and boards placed on the wire. It was obvious this was an effort to not damage tires. Not exactly legal, but the trail was very well worn so I followed it...

Ended up spending the next hour exploring a bit. A little woods, a little gravel, some technical (but small) climbs, dry creek crossings, and a little urban garbage thrown around for good measure. Easy enough for a quick fix, but definately areas to get hurt. Pretty fun place to spend an hour, seemed good sized too. All the trails were very well worn, so I wasn't the first. Looked like a lot of 4x4's have made it back there too, not to mention a few beer drinkers...

No clue who owns it, if riding is allowed, or any details. Never saw a posted sign except for a few "For Sale" signs fronting 190.

http://tinyurl.com/94q8e for reference. Didn't explore the part the fronts Campbell at all, just the area directly south and west of the house really.

So, a bit of slabbing, surface streets, and some urban off-roading rounded out my morning. Not perfect, but inbetween all the family stuff, it was a much needed 2-wheel break... :)

12-25-2005, 12:19 AM
And your impression of the 650 in the dirt?

12-25-2005, 08:48 AM
Well, BRP sums it up alright... :) (BigRedPig)

Seriously, I was plesantly surprised. The tall seat height wasn't the issue I thougt it would be, the weight difference between it and my 400 seemed minor, and the power was usable. Still think I have some jetting to sort out when the holiday dust settles before I can give an in depth review.

I can tell you this, I've now ridden about 1000 miles on my 650 and have zero question that it's the perfect DS mount for my riding style (hate to shift, use torque), weight (200lb w/o gear), needs (just for around town and DS usage), and abilities (used to be pretty quick off road, but have been out for a few years). I really couldn't ask for much more for what I want/need.