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01-25-2006, 07:16 AM
For those who want an alternative to to jeans but something not as heavy a riding pants, there has always been the Draggin' Jeans (, the Aerostich Arborwear pants ( (I like mine) or the non-Aerostich Arborwear ( pants, Duluth Trading ( has some new Road Hog jeans ( made with Kevlar to go along with their Fire Hose line of pants (

01-25-2006, 07:39 AM
The Brits have their version of draggin' jeans. They're a bit more expensive but I think they have more kevlar.

Just another choice for you.


01-25-2006, 08:02 AM
I really like my Draggin jeans. The only problem I have had is that on hot days the kevlar will irritate by backside if I am putting in a bunch of miles. I think I found the solution by wearing underarmor sliding shorts and avoiding anything cotton.

01-25-2006, 08:07 AM
There's also these:

That's just what I found on Knee Draggers.


01-25-2006, 11:17 AM
I had a pair of Draggin' Jeans years ago. They fit well and the extra protection was appreciated. I think their addition of optional armor is a good thing. I like the Arborwear jeans, I'd get the knee pads also. Gotta be better than just jeans (which I'm guilty of wearing while riding in town :roll: )

01-25-2006, 12:00 PM
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01-25-2006, 12:10 PM
These jeans:

got a really good review on WebBikeWorld. They seem to be cheaper than the others as well.