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01-28-2004, 09:24 AM
Best regards Team:

I posted this in our local H-Town board and probably some of the rideres with cruisers and standards can use the information. So if someone is interested in this fairing, I uploded some pictures of my ZR-7 with the new Café fairing.

First impressions:

1.- Quality is fair. Not outstanding but for the price I think is OK.
2.- No instructions about "how-to" install it. (spent two hours just trying to figure out how the brackets will mount to the bike).
3.- Quality of the brackets to hold the fairing is very cheap and bad. I'm not very mechanical inclined, but maybe some of you can come with a much better idea about what to use to mount the fairing.
4.- Wind protection improved very litle. I'm pretty sure the RIFLE, fairing can provide more wind deflection because of the shape of the screen, but again I got this for the "Café Racer" looks.

I got the fairing only for the looks...!!!!! I think this fairing is the kind of "hate it" or "love it". I'm in the second option.

Also inside the fairing is some kind of small shelf where you can easily use it for a radar detector.

Here are the pictures:


In the other Album you can see the bike without the fairing.

Fairing was bought from Lockhart Phillips USA:


01-28-2004, 12:01 PM
:tab Cool. Still for its' size, I would expect it to deflect quite bit of wind off of you? I noticed the engine guards on the bike. I've never seen those on the ZR-7, kind of neat. Are the OEM or some kind of aftermarket setup? Do you use them to rest your feet on when on long rides? I fabricated some out of stainless steel for my old Nighthawk 750 and mounted some cheap footpegs from JC Whitney on them. It worked great for those long rides where you wanted to stretch the legs. Also worked great at protecting the side of the bike when I dropped it in the driveway, hehe.


01-28-2004, 01:59 PM
Best regards Scott:

The engine guards are the OEM Kawasaki. Due to the fact that I installed drag-bars the riding position is lower and the use of the guards as "Highway" pegs or installing them, will be very unconfortable due to my "pot belly". It will be like riding those custom/choper bikes in the funny "U" shape...!!!!!! :shock: Not very confortable IMHO.

Ride Safe...!!! :chug: