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05-02-2006, 11:18 AM
I took a local ride yesterday with no specific destination in mind. Headed up 149 to Richards, continued north to Shiro, took some pics in town (ghost town is more like it). Rode out past Roans Prarie towards Carlos on 30 and turned around about half way. I really wanted to hit some dirt roads and I wasn't seeing any out here. Headed back to Shiro, crossed the tracks on 30 there, and up the road a bit turned right on CR232 which is a nice dirt road that comes out on 149 again, south of Shiro. Headed back home via 149 south to watch the last half of the Astros/Breweres game (which we LOST! :doh: ).

One thing that I don't like about my KLX is the narrow motocross style seat. I can manage about 70 miles on it before the desire to park it arises. Maybe I spent too much time at speed on asphalt yesterday. I don't recall having problems when we rode 140 miles a day up at Clayton recently. Probably because I spent more time standing on the pegs up there! :rider:

05-02-2006, 12:30 PM
Geez, I want to go ghost town exploring with you! Maybe I can take a day off soon. I just downloaded a list of all the Texas ghost towns and want to go. There seem to be many around the Tyler (Tyler County) area, which wouldn't be too far for a day trip.

05-02-2006, 02:16 PM
I grew up in Shiro. It's a metropolis compared to when I was a boy. Back then there was the Ferguson's General Store (2nd & 3rd pic) which housed the post office, grocery store and hardware selections, the bank next door which is now someone's home and Rigby's TV repair which is the metal building. The old closed down gas station came WAY later. The only thing not there anymore is the old cafe which used to be across from the gas station and the domino hall. They fell down about 10 or so years ago. :rofl:

The cotton gin (1st pic) looked a LOT different back then. It was still abandoned but was original and was absolutely infested with pigeons and rats the size of cats. High adventure for a small boy and his Red Rider BB gun. :shooter: :thumb: We spent hours in there "hunting".

05-02-2006, 06:51 PM
I like getting out and exploring the countryside. Right now is a good time, before it starts to get really hot. I did some searching on the net (Google) for some photos of Shiro in it's prime but nothing comes up. I'm sure it was an interesting town awhile back. Richards has some interesting old storefronts along one block as well. Anderson and Navisota are neat small town farming communities that I like riding around in. Georgiapeach, we need to do a ghost town and train spotting ride sometime soon! Now that would be neat.

Today I rode 92 miles, and followed along the path that Bryan took a couple of weeks ago. I found the hillclimb! :rider: Those are some nice, well kept dirt roads. Not much traffic, and well graded. I also found the Waller Cemetery. Before I set out, a nice juicy BBQ sandwich, patato salad, and banana pudding and a Coke at Mock's Grocery store to prepare for the journey. Has anyone here eaten at Holder's BBQ in Dobbin? Terri, Megan and I ate there Monday. It's really good! It would make a good stop on one of our local group rides. Mock's is good too but there is nowhere to sit and eat your food with a group. There is also an interesting BBQ restaurant on FM149 heading towards Richards, right at the Montgomery-Grimes County line that I would like to try out sometime.

The first nine photos were taken along Dobbin Road. It's an area
that I really like and draws me in like a magnet to steel for some reason.
I'd love to buy some land and build a house in this area. I get
good vibes when I come here, and I love looking at the horses and cattle
when I ride by. It's interesting how some of them seem to ignore you
as you ride by, and some seem to just stare.

Gate to a private homesite with a beautiful, HUGE home. (

Narrow one-lane bridge. There are many like it in these parts.

I have no idea what this used to be. Maybe a cattle processing plant?

Beautiful horses. There were some young colts running around but
they hid just as I took this pic! Or so it seems.

This is a diamond track intersection near Dobbin TX (

BNSF towards Tomball to the South

BNSF towards Navasota to the West

This is a loooooong wooden bridge over Caney Creek, on Old Hwy
105, West of Dobbin TX. There are some potential dirt roads
further down this road that I have yet to try out.

Great big juicy yummy BBQ beef sandwich that I had while
stopped at Mock's Grocery in Dobbin, which is on the NE
side of 105W and FM1486

This sign is inside Mock's Grocery store. They also had a smaller
sign that said, "Win a Free Ride in a Police Car. Shoplifting in this
store will make you a winner!" or something to that effect.:lol2:

Holder's BBQ on the Southeast side of 105W and FM1486 in Dobbin.
Great burgers and fries!

Mock's Grocery store

CR 212, the beginning of the dirt portion of my ride.

Intersection of CR210 and CR212. The Waller Cemetery is
just down the road a few miles.

Looking behind me, a pic showing the dust that I stirred up.

Waller Cemetery

Thumper Hill! I found the hillclimb! It's not too tricky on the
KLX. Still is fun though! I didn't check inside the duct-taped
mailbox for any new mail.
That hill in Clayton OK that we climbed at the beginning
of our trip, now that was a HILL climb! :rider:

I had to turn around and sneak some photos of this abandoned
Caterpillar diesel engine near the road with a bunch of other junk.
Sort of like finding a dinosaur carcass. It's neat looking at the
insides of machinery such as this.

Looking closer, someone has removed the connecting rod cap,
exposing the crankshaft's bearing journal. You can also see up
into the cylinder at the underside of the piston. Also visible are
a couple of lobes of the camshaft. I doubt this hunk of metal
will ever breathe fire again.

Confederate Memorial Plaza, downtown Anderson TX near the
Grimes County Courthouse.

Confederate Memorial Plaza

Confederate Memorial Plaza

Confederate Memorial Plaza

Confederate Memorial Plaza

Confederate Memorial Plaza

Old storefront near the Anderson Courthouse

More storefront history

Grimes County Courthouse

Plaque on the Courthouse

A portion of the GPS track showing the route I took today
on the County Roads.

GPS track on the roads near Dobbin.

It rained while I was out near Anderson, which was quite refreshing
since it was only light rain from a random cloud. Not enough to wet
the roads or make the dirt turn muddy. Overall a great day to ride.

I'll add more when I do another ride. Nothing planned as of right now.

05-04-2006, 01:33 PM
:clap: Nice report!

05-04-2006, 04:55 PM

If you'd like to find out some history about the Richards area, stop by my grandparent's house right there in town. They live at the house on the corner everyone always crashes on. :doh: They're at the corner of FM 149 and Pearl Lane. Scott stops by every now and then for Blue Bell. :eat: My grandpa grew up there, so he knows EVERYTHING. :mrgreen:

05-04-2006, 05:06 PM
Thanks, Chris! I may just do that sometime.

I will be changing the links to the above images over the next hour. Some of you may have to 'refesh' your browser (F5 key) to see the changes later.

05-05-2006, 05:02 PM
Hey nice report, I love a report that has pic's and a nice write up. Hey maybe Scott should start TWT magazine:trust: Looks like you had a blast, although you need to get a lower angle on that hill so it looks massive;-)
That is probably the highest point in the county.