View Full Version : Reliving Clayton day trip Monday the 8th

05-09-2006, 12:55 PM
I wanted to thank Mike, Chris, and Adam for a awesome Monday.

After getting unloaded Mike lead us into the hills to some trails he goes 4 wheeling on. He said that the road we were heading up was a county road. I have seen better mountain slides. Wow what fun mud, rocks size of watermelons, and that was the small ones, Water crossings. Wet I think by the days end I may have had a small dry spot some where between my shoulder blades. My experience is lacking in trail riding Mike, Chris and Adam were awesome to help with knowledge, and helping hands. Especially one part getting me through a very sticky spot.
No one broke anything or got hurt which is the absolutely best part.

Tourmister thank you for the recommendation of starting fluid. We didn't need it because Murphy was smiling on us. Next time remind us to take extra socks.

I will Hopefully get my pics posted tonight. I only got a few pics of the Tech portion of the ride.

My only question is WHEN are we going again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!