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05-21-2006, 08:32 PM
This was a great weekend to ride, I had these great ideas to ride all day Saturday and return home on Sunday. I ended up working around the house all day Saturday and hit the road today around 1pm. A late start yes, but it worked out pretty good. No traffic at all.... The idea was to ride though the Sam Houston National Forest to Lake Livingston via the FM roads. So I started out of the woodlands, and headed north on the Honea Egypt road and eventually made my way to Montgomery. FWIW, I saw 2 bikes (sport bikes) down on Honea Egypt road this afternoon (1.30'ish)... From what I could tell the riders were ATTGATT, and were up moving around.

From Montgomery I road north to FM 1375 and road it to New Waverly. This was my first time to be on this road and I must say that I was impressed.


Got to New Waverly and saw a very pretty catholic church.


While traveling through New Waverly I failed to follow my planned route... don't want to say that I took a wrong turn, as I never do that. I just made a spontaneous decision to go a different route. What a good idea it was too. I ended up on several national forest roads that I didn't even know existed.


Gratuitous Bike Shot!

These roads were well maintained with only a few sandy spots... (I hate sand!), but overall the gravel was just challenging enough to make the ride exciting but not work (if you know what I mean). I enjoyed my ride through the forest and eventually figured I needed to head out so I made my way to HWY 150 and on to Cold Spring. Still no traffic even on the big road... I might start making all of my weekend rides starting after lunch.. this is great! Well when riding through town I see a big building and who knew that Cold Spring was the County seat for San Jacinto County?


I keep heading on towards my destination today and top a hill and surprise!


The road sign says.. Road Ends 1000 Feet... Hmmm... I know where I am off to..


The lake looks like it is still quite low...


I ride around the lake a little while, basically just exploring, doing the "wonder where this road goes?" type thing. Did not get anywhere quick doing that, so I start to head back home. taking the occasionaly side road just because it was there. Doing so I stumbled on to this.... for those wanting to find it too N30 31.092 W95 08.681


I know that I have seen other Fire Towers but I guess those are not located on National Park lands...

Well I made it home in one piece, it was kinda warm but thankfully the humidity wasnt too bad, I did appreciate the vents in the helmet and jacket today though.

Here is ther route that I took includind a .gpx file for those that are interested.


Until next time...:rider:

05-21-2006, 09:36 PM
Good report. Three of us took a circular route from Etoile to East Hamilton and back today. Hairsmith is putting together the report with pics.

We rode through that dreaded sand you described on your report regarding your Deep East Texas ride to visit your folks, but, Tom was leading at such a brisk pace that I didn't even feel it very much. It really works to "pour on the coal" if it starts getting squirrely, as long as your front tire is aimed in the right general direction. I did notice, though, that my gloves got very "tight" while we were in that part of the ride.

05-22-2006, 08:15 AM
This would have been a good weekend for a ride....dang it. I was stuck at home on Saturday waiting on the insurance adjuster for hail damage to Mark's truck. Sunday was a boyscout ceremony. I did get a quick ride on the DRZ Sunday around 12:30p...but it wasn't enough.

05-22-2006, 10:20 AM
Bryan dbdolan and I rode the same dirt fire road East of New Waverly last week. I recognize the narrow bridge pictured in your post!

The fire tower is neat. When I lived in North Carolina in the 80's there were many of those around. Over the years most were dismantled to my dismay.
They were neat to climb at night (sneak up). The door was always locked to the building at top, but it was fun just sitting on the steps and looking around for miles and miles.

Great report!