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Re: Post your Day Rides Here!

Here are some shots from my ride this past Saturday afternoon. Most of these were taken in the area North of Hwy 105 between the Brazos River and Independence. Some of the early ones were taken on FM 3090 outside of Navasota.

FM 3090

The Navasota and Brazos rivers were HIGH, out of their banks in places. That last big storm that came through dumped a LOT of rain!

In the area North of William Penn Road off Hwy 105 West of Navasota

Even with earplugs in and helmet on, the buzzing from all the bees was LOUD!

Most of these roads used to be gravel. They were only recently "paved" with a hard gravel top. They are lane and a half wide roads with a heavy crown to them. Great back roads for a mellow cruise and explore.

LOVE trees like this. The urge to build an incredible tree house is almost overwhelming!!

Found these guys just NE of Independence. Most of them got up and moved off a bit. This guy was NOT intimidated!

Is it me, or does it look like he's laughing at me?

Stopped at the little general store in Independence for an ice cream and a drink. Enjoyed a nice break on their back deck and a visit with some other riders.

Not sure what kind of tree this is, but it smells SWEET!!

I ran back down FM 390 to the start of William Penn and then ran that across to Hwy 105. Right before 105 there were a LOT of blue bonnets in the pastures.

Just outside of Navasota, I cut South of Hwy 90 on a bunch of dirt roads that eventually drops out onto FM 1486 South of Richards. Again, TONS of blue bonnets in the pastures and no traffic to speak of.

Just East of Richards on FM 149, I cut back into the woods and picked up some forest roads that run out near Outlaw Trax and eventually drop out onto FM 1791. From there it was a quick run home.

Had a great ride. Perfect temps. Little wind. Got home in time to help Daniel and Sarah do their first rides without training wheels on their dirt bike. Great day!
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