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Re: Barstow to Vegas 2017 Planning Thread

All good advice.
I am undecided as to marathoning the drive to Vegas or doing dispersed camping north of Flagstaff for a night.

It gets cold quick in the dez, so it behoves you to have a lighter and space blanket at a minimum.

I will be taking two days to ride from LV to Palmdale. I did it in one day last time which is completely doable, but leaves less no time to sight see on the way. Yall are welcome to camp with me on the way from LV to Palmdale. Right now thinking about heading for the mtns around Big Bear, but may go more north from Barstow to stay in the desert and stay lower/warmer.

I cant wait! Going to rig a harness to make my 450x street legal and rewind my stator for more power this and the following weekend.

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