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Re: Barstow to Vegas 2017 Planning Thread

Originally Posted by wildernessrider View Post
It gets cold quick in the dez, so it behoves you to have a lighter and space blanket at a minimum.

Great point Matt. I completely spaced on talking about a space blanket & a lighter. Both of these life saving items take up almost zero space in your pack, cost very little, and weigh only a few ounces. They can literally be the difference between succumbing to the cold or not. Be sure these items are with you. 2 years ago we stayed with a downed rider who had snapped his leg in a remote part of the course. It took the sag crew in Jeeps many hours to reach us. All the while the injured rider was laying immobilized on the cool desert floor. By the time we saw the sag crew arrive, the sun was just starting to set, and frigid coldness was rapidly returning. Had we not been able to keep a space blanket around the injured rider all afternoon, he might well have had some further issues. At the very least he certainly would have been cold and in a lot more discomfort. Be sure you carry these survival essentials! If you dont need it, someone else may.
I also carry a tourniquet, combat gauze (never use clotting powder!) and a pressure bandage and a couple pairs of gloves. Outside of hospital, there is little you can do beyond stopping bleeding.

A CAT and the rest will fit in a pocket or on the handle bars. I find the volume and cost well worth it.

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