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Northern California ride June 2018 (planning thread)

Got a trip coming up this summer and thought I'd post up here to see if anybody had some must-see destinations or can't miss roads, etc..

JQ1.0 will be riding from the Graham area to San Francisco to meet up with myself and his other, less attractive son. He will be on a Nc700x, and the two of us will be renting bikes from Eaglerider (HD Road King and Heritage Softail). We leave San Fran on June 7th.

We are planning to go North from San Fran up the Pacific Coast Highway, run through the avenue of the giants to see the giant sequoias, and on up to Mckinleyville. Then we'll make our way over to near Weed, and North into Oregon. We'll hit Crater Lake and then head back to the coast to see Thor's Well. After that up to Portland area, and then we head South again.

JQ1.0 will split off around this time to head back to TX, while my charismatically challenged sibling and I make our way back to San Francisco. I have a route mapped but no real destinations or plans for that portion. Return the bikes on the 13th and fly back home.

So, anybody got tips and tricks for the area, or suggestions for a well travelled (I mean experienced) rider on a trip from TX to CA and back? I'd do the same except he's a lot more retired than I am, which seems to come with nearly unlimited days off.

We are all pretty accomplished dirt bike riders and fairly comfortable on the street as well (this ride is expected to be all pavement). On dual sport trips we tend to run 200-300 mile days, but we don't normally do long pavement trips.. I'm guessing 250-400 miles per day will be comfortable. We may even go on into Washington if we are way ahead of schedule.

We aren't really tied to any particular parts of the plan except for the Pacific Coast highway, Avenue of the Giants, and Crater Lake. We generally like the curvy roads with lots of elevation changes, etc, but it's 7 days of riding so we'll probably see some interstate and mile-munching roads as well.

The tentative route should be viewable here:
San Fransisco 2000 mile loop DISTANCE: 2151.6 mi. TIME: 47:54:58

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