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Re: New Glove Recommendation?

I wanted to post here about the recent gloves that I didn't like. Bought a pair of Icon Twenty Niner, from Moto Liberty (Dallas) about 2 weeks ago. On Sunday 6/12, took the first long ride with them. Original short term wearing was positive thoughts. After living with them on the 4 hr. trip outbound, they were bleeding black on the hands, not good. Then on the 4 hr. trip home we hit rain, just enough to get things fairly wet. They were then dripping black and hands were more black. Took them off to dry, next day the little finger was rotated about 90 degrees. Yesterday went to Moto to ask about return policy, he checked with Icon, with receipt they'll send back to Icon for evaluation. One comment the Moto guy stated kind of put me off, 'those aren't rain gloves'. Told him I had no intention of riding in the rain, it just happened. He did say it shouldn't have bled and the little finger was because of riding in rain, I should have kept wearing until dry, so finger wouldn't rotate.

Another observation with these gloves is that the thumb seam lines up with thumb pressure on grips, very annoying.

I've ordered a different pair of gloves from a different vendor, we'll see on the next pair.
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