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Re: 2013 Honda F6B - Bagger that doesn't shake

To each his own. My current 14 Interceptor is smooth and the V4 sounds good even with the OEM Pipe. Handling is on par with other stuff I have owned - Sprint ST, ZZR600, FJR. My 919 was probably my favorite bike I have ever owned.

No Doubt the FB6 has junk in her trunk. Handles well at slow speed and mock speed The low COG and low seat help to make paddling it manageable for a 800lb bike. I had a HD guy actually come to me at a bike night and ask about it and wanted to sit on it. It has a lot of buttons as you look across the vast dash.

Think on it an dholler if you wanna come see it. I was looking for a bagger when I bought this. Price was right compared to a RK or Street Glide and it hands down beats them at just about anything on the street except maybe street cred.
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