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Re: ROLL THE BONES RALLY 7: GET LUCKY...October 28-30, 2016

Originally Posted by garfey View Post
Hi, gt! And

In TWT parlance, "Rally" does not mean something like Dakar, but rather more like "Rally 'round the flag, Boys! And where's that jerk who went to get more beer a half-hour ago? Better send out a Search Party! What? No one's sober enough to ride? Imaging that!"

I only started riding offroad year before last; I'm ancient, overweight, and outta shape; and I ain't dead yet. If something looks too difficult, or if you're just thirsty, head back to the barn. If you don't return to Rally HQ each day, someone else will eat your portion(s) of the goodies.

IOW, you'll have a good time even if the weather suggests ark-building might be appropriate and you never even take your bike off the trailer.
Thanks garfey. To all.. any pointers on must have gear and packing items for this event? I'm already an accomplished camper, and have a full complement of street ATGATT supplies, as well as the stock toolkits on the DR and WR (which is what we'd be bringing).. . But I haven't started building the off road supplies/gear yet.

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