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Re: ROLL THE BONES RALLY 7: GET LUCKY...October 28-30, 2016

Originally Posted by grislyterror View Post
Thanks garfey. To all.. any pointers on must have gear and packing items for this event? I'm already an accomplished camper, and have a full complement of street ATGATT supplies, as well as the stock toolkits on the DR and WR (which is what we'd bringing).. . But I haven't started building the off road supplies/gear yet.

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Last year, the Roll the Bones rally was my introduction to dual sport riding. It quickly became obvious that I was not prepared for the sport. I hadn't even ridden much street in the previous two years and my gear was not organized, didn't fit and I even forgot I had some stuff. I hadn't traveled in 5 or more years and basic travel items were not easily assembled. The weather helped to demonstrate just how unprepared I was. I spent all last winter remedying that situation.

If you are well prepared to camp and have been riding regularly, you are way ahead of where I was then both in appropriate gear and motorcycles. This will be a good opportunity to see what others have and use, and it will give you some ideas about more specialized stuff you might want. You'll do fine
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