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Re: WTB: Colt Python .357

Originally Posted by 1 wheel peel View Post
You might want to try and get as many details about the one he owned if you are going to try to duplicate it. Barrel length, blue, nichol, stainless, grips etc. GL with your search, sounds like your dad has a good son.

Edit: You may already be aware, these where great guns IMHO one of, if not the slickest out of the box revolvers ever made. Just be ready to dig deep into the ol back pocket.

The one my Father owned was blued and had a 4" barrel. I'm looking for one that has a 4" barrel, but if one became available in nickel or stainless that would be fine also. My father always talks about how perfect the action was, and how well balance the 4" barrel version was for him. I am aware of the current prices and have been following them for awhile. I'm not sure if I qualify as a good son, but the older I become the better I am able to see how much my parentís sacrificed for me when I was young.
I have looked on gunbroker, etc but was hoping to find someone on here before I was forced to bid and mail order one online.
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