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Re: 2018 MexTrek #8, Oct 20th - 23rd 2018

Read the revised itinerary...This revised route favors smaller bikes, but still has 4 days with 100+ miles of concrete. Unavoidable...Sorry, sorry, sorry, I hate to do this to you again, but lodging just popped up in my choice town for the second weekend, so there is a major shift in strategy and fun. Much less riding to connect far off towns. More fun events and great rides. In short, the schedule is now as follows:

Mextrek #8: 42 riders

Fri 19th - Mission rendevoux @ Mambo's Seafood
Sat 20th - Depart for Galeana / Stay in Galeana
Sun 21st - Galeana
Mon 22nd - Galeana
Tues 23rd - Mextrek Ends - return home.
The names I have on the list for Mextrek ONLY are as follows:

Mel Tooley
Karl Boehm
John Joyce
Jared Schettler
Peter Garza
Kyle Weber
Luis Frayre

The Afterparty V2.0 begins Tuesday the 23rd an now looks much more like the original plan: 35 riders

Tues 23rd - Additional night in Galeana (highly requested for more ride time)

Riders probably returning to USA Wed the 24th: Now 33 riders
Don Davis
Desiree Davis

Wed 24th - Dirt route to Real De Catorce (Chase truck for gear) - Stay in Hotel Real Bonanza. 20 rooms reserved for 33 riders. 10 additional rooms available for individual lodging. Cost $40 - $45 per room, Zeke still negotiating on our behalf. Many other options available if you want to book your own upon arrival or in advance. Rates range from $20 or so per person to $100.

Thurs 25th - Real de Catorce: Horseback riding, moto exploring the hard way down and local roads. Hotel Bonanza again.

Riders heading home Friday: 24 Riders going to Santiago
ken Musgrove
brandon Musgrove
Shai Lurie
Kristopher Sutherly
Gabriel Hanson
Nick Harrell
Bill Fann
Charles Nevle
John Crouse

Fri 26th - Concrete to Galeana, Dirt to Santiago, visit the Private Waterfall. (Chase truck for gear) Lodgings 21 bed hacienda guesthouse. Cost: $600 split by number of riders, about $30 per person per night.

Departing Saturday: Down to 22 Riders
Dao Hoang
John Crouse

Sat 27th - Santiago again. Local rides to La Ascension, La Trinidad, Petrero Redondo

Departing Sunday: (Chase truck for gear) 8 Riders Left

Thomas Mangold
Mark Winer
Steven Michaelis
David Bumpas
James Bender - Chase Truck
scott edwards
Reagan Evans
Jerry Matson
Jeff Cole
Nicholas Meyer
Jeff Carney
Michael Parker
Cadaoas Nathan
Robyn Brown
Jonathan Thayer

Sun 28th - Ride 30 KM to Monterrey Antigua District

Mon 29th - Monterrey Antigua District


Peter Shaddock
Sean Sykora
Paul Normand
Justine Burris
Curtis Jones
John Palmero
Adam Mian
It just keeps getting better and better
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