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Re: newbie Travis here

-M38A1 - thanks for the skinny on the ride on Thursdays and for the scoop on where to look for gear, etc! I've got my eye on a 1972 BSA A65 Lightning. It's in the pre-renewal stage, right now, so i'll have a more definite on it-and-my realtionship soon (I reeeeeally want it). I'll go check out gear soon.

-tshelfer - thanks! I do want to show up to one of the meet-n-greets, and soon. It'd be helpful for me to get a feel for what people ride, why, and their experiences with bikes so far. As mentioned above, I am aiming at a BSA lightning, but I want to remain open to many options. Hope to see y'all soon!

-texan & guru - thank y'all! It's nice to be here (seriously nice folks here)!

-sllr - thanks for the scoop on the ride reads. I've been wondering about what literature might be helpful. I look forward to looking these up poring over them. Thanks.

-gravel guy - thanks for the skinny on the pie run! I'm going to be out o' pocket this coming weekend, but I hope to make a ride soon. It sounds like y'all are a fairly active group, and clearly friendly, so I look forward to catching up with y'all soon!

Cheers, friends.
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