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Re: Prayer for Zac Chapman - family needs help

Thanks, David, you are too kind. (I'm still cold just thinking about that 32F Oak Hill season opener..)

I got an email from Jenny, they do have a Paypal account tied to her checking that can be used. I will personally vouch that any donations will be used to offset $933 in travel expenses and future travel etc.

The email to use for Paypal donations is robertumbaugh @ (delete spaces around @). If you can help in any other way with travel and accommodations, including by donating or using frequent flier miles for tickets, please contact Jenny directly to coordinate at eviltwin65 @ (delete spaces around @).

Every little bit helps. I'm a mom and I cannot imagine how incredibly hard it is to have to be away from my son in such circumstances; I hope we can help until Zac can get strong enough to return to Texas.
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