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Re: Moto Gras Dirt Rider Celebration & Fat Tire Tuesday Parade Feb 24 - 28 2017

Some of the best and most challenging riding I've enjoyed . In 48 miles I was whipped , that usually takes a couple hundred to be that beat . I'm going to get off my lazy butt and get in shape to go back for more . Also the road riding ain't too shabby in the neighborhood either , 98 miles to go around the block involving Ark 21, 74, 23, 16, and more of 21 and that's just a scratch of the surface . The hardest part is gearing up and heading to the woods , the view from the hilltop is awesome , one other thing keep your eyes open and watch for buffalo , elk and deer . I even found a place where the coons are a little over active too , but we'll talk about that next time .
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