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Re: The Peyton Colony aka Speaking of "Rick Peyton"...

Yup I went to Hamilton pool for many many years, camping down in the creek valley for weekends and swimming in the pool or down at the river.

It used to be privately owned, and they let folks come and swim and camp there..

I never did dive off the cliffs there, though know several who did and all regretted it..

I stopped going when the county took it over and closed it for visitors and made it a preserve, though I believe now they allow swimming again at certain times.

Of course that was when Austin was still a pretty small town, and hadn't turned into the new silicon valley and started booming yet. I hardly recognize Austin at all these days, and I was born there 50 years ago.

Hamilton pool is a very beautiful place, and on a hot summer day worth $10 to go hang out in..
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