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Re: Trippin' Connies 9 - Snowed Out

Originally Posted by slowGEEZR View Post
What an excellent trip report. Thanks!
Thanks for following along!

Originally Posted by tshelfer View Post
RE this latest round of photos: Wow! Just wow!

Loved the story of the CHL. Once when we were camping in the Medicine Bow Mountains, a whacky lady walked into our campsite, introduced herself as a spirit medium, and explained that she was here to do something or other with some really gnarly crystals to "free" her boyfriend. She explained that he had been emotionally damaged as a kid when he was travelling in the desert with his parents, and came upon a busload of Indians killed in a crash. I'm pretty sure she was describing a scene from the Doors movie. Anyway, she wanted us to help her draw a "psychic map" to the place in the forest where she planned to do her incantation thing. My 11 y/o daughter was so freaked that she went & hid in the outhouse until the nutty lady left.

Clearly seagulls are not patriotic.
I was a little worried the CHL was going to get physical, but then again, he was so small, either one of us should have been able to easily overpower him. But, you never know the strength of someone small and scrappy like that.

Funny story about the wacky lady!

And about your seagull comment!
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