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Re: Trippin' Connies 9 - Snowed Out

Day 11 – 6/29/2017 – Montrose, CO to Dumas, TX – 533 Miles

Montrose, CO to Dumas, TX – 533 Miles – MAP LINK

After over a week on the road we definitely get into a routine in the mornings. The only thing to throw that off was hoping in and out of time zones. After breakfast we started to load up the bikes. When we were almost done and ready to leave, the owner of the V-Strom 1k outside came out and struck up a conversation. She was from the mid-west and on a 3k mile solo ride. We swapped a few stories back and forth and then it was time to hit the road. We headed east on US 50 and the construction theme from yesterday carried over into the morning. We didn’t get too far before we were stopped by the first flagger of the day.

Don’t let the picture above fool you, dad wasn’t leading. He never leads on our rides. I probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself riding behind him or anyone for that matter. Maybe 15 miles up the road we hit the next flagger because the bridge that crosses Blue Mesa Reservoir was being worked on.

One of the roads I made sure to work into this year’s ride was CO 149. I’ve heard so much about this road in the past, but I’ve never been able to make it fit in the route. I can without a doubt say that we were missing out! What an absolute treat of a road! It really has everything you’d want in a perfect motorcycle road, but I’m most likely just preaching to the choir. The first stop we made was just south of Lake City.

From there we continued to climb and I saw a sign for an overlook and turned down it. The overlook was down the road 5A.

(Click for larger pano size)

The plan was to stop at the North Clear Creek Falls Observation Site. I even had it built into the route on the GPS. We must have been enjoying the road too much because we went right by it and I guess the GPS units recalculated. I was bummed about it, but it’s the perfect excuse to go back down CO 149. Looking at the map I see we stopped about 5 miles past the falls, oblivious that we were that close.

The traffic on CO 149 was really light, which made it even more enjoyable. We finally finished it off and continued to head east on US 160 out of South Fork. We stopped for gas there and noticed the immediate uptick in traffic around there.

When I went to push back my bike from there, while sitting on it, my right foot slipped and my shin smashed into my footpeg. Of course it hit right above my boot, so it was a direct shot. I was reminded of the incident all the way home, every time my shin would graze the footpeg. It left bump and a nice bruise on my leg for about a week. The ride from South Fork to where we exited US 160 was painfully boring. It didn’t help that we were constantly stuck behind cars with little opportunity to pass due to the traffic coming the opposite way. We turned south on CO 450 and headed down to La Veta. From there we took CO 12, our last bit of excitement, prior to reaching I-25. The only problem with CO 12 was it was pretty busy along there as well. There’s great scenery along there, and the road is nice, but the traffic ruined it for us. We stopped for a short break at North Lake.

We finished off CO 12 and in Trinidad we hopped on I-25 to head south. The fun was officially over! Of course there was construction as we climbed up towards Raton Pass. We crossed into New Mexico and exited onto US 87, stopping for gas there.

Taking off from there, my wife gave me a call a few miles down the road. I was talking to her for a few seconds when I got absolutely blasted by a wind gust. I literally thought it was headed for an off-road adventure, but thankfully that didn’t happen. The remainder of the ride was miserable. I had a hard time getting connected back to dad on the headsets. So we were riding in silence, it was late in the afternoon, the road was boring and the wind was throwing us around. My arms were killing me because I had a death grip on the bars. We crossed back into Texas and finished of the ride by getting to our hotel in Dumas. We walked next door and ate at the 287 Roadhouse. I feasted on the smothered chop steak.

After showering we basically went right to sleep in preparation for an early takeoff time in the morning to get home.
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