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COBDR & MOAB 7-22 Sep 2017

Started a bit late as it took a while to load up Sparky with all that gear. Odometer read 7777 as I rolled off.

Made it over Hagerman Pass in about an hour. It did not seem as rough this time, but I was nervous riding solo with all the gear.

Then Weston Pass an hour later. Sparky was noticing the elevation. The weather was nice and cool, without any rain. That would change soon enough.

This section was wooded with tight turns and bunches of hills, slick sections, sand, slowed me down good. I got Buena Vista in sight when the weather caught up. Thunderstorms are not fun when you are crossing hilly exposed countryside.

When the sprinkle started, I contemplated making a run 4-5 miles to town or backtrack a few miles to a nice camp sight I had seen earlier. I made the wrong choice.

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