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Dam to Dam around the Lakes Sat 12/2 Austin/ Sun 12/3 Travis

Planning to find the longest way around on the curviest paved roads with lots of roads dead ending at the lakes.
I'm a newbie at this so I figured I'd stay closer to home and practice up on it, I'm a very experienced dirt rider, just not "urban adventure". I assumed I'm more likely to find some fellow riders staying more local so I'm not going it alone.

I could start from either dam area, Tom Miller or Mansfield. Saturday should be about a 1/2 day shakedown, and Sunday should be using up a lot more daylight and fuel.

I've toyed around with some trip planning apps today, can't get any of them to do what I want, is there a preferred app, especially if you can track your group?

I'll be on a '15 Beta 500 RS dual sport, by looking at the projected routes, it would be a blast even if you're on a Harley The forecast looks good.
If anyone wants to get dirty I'm game for stupid tricks on rocks at Emma Long and/or Hidden Falls?

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