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Re: TARA DFW North October Happenings

Originally Posted by tperk314 View Post
Hey guys...not a very good turnout last night for 1st Tuesday. Several guys had told me they weren't able to make it for various reasons, and the weather probably spooked a few more. I am still trying to find a favorite location for the meetings. Please let me know if you didn't come last night because we were meeting at Willhoite's. I am planning on trying it again next month, unless there is some problem with it. They have a buffet & salad bar, but not usually for dinner. Last night they had it out for the groups. Mainly for another larger group that was meeting upstairs, but it was for us also. If you don't like that location for some reason...let me know.

October rides: Roll the Bones Rally in Lake Whitney....October 13-15. I don't know anything about this ride, but this is their 7th they must be doing something right!

Chris is having his monthly ADV ride on Sunday October 22. This ride is taking place on the west side of DFW and will wind up in Muenster for lunch. It is about 140 miles, but mostly easy gravel roads. Contact Chris directly for more info.

If anyone is up for a trip out to Barnwell Mountain at the end of the month, let me know asap. I would probably drive out on Friday 27th...spend the night and ride on Saturday...heading home Saturday afternoon. Right now I am scheduled to work on that Saturday. If enough guys want to meet out there I will do some trading around to get the day off. However...I'm not going to mess with it unless there are several folks wanting to go!

Finally...if anyone wants to go down to Austin on Saturday Nov. ride with the Austin TARA group, on their 1st Saturday ride...let me know. I would probably leave 3:30 am...trailer down...make the ride...and then trailer home all on the same day. If it is a rough ride, might stay over Saturday night and drive home Sunday. Let me know if you are interested. You can pull up the routes on their thread:

Hope to see you guys on the trail!
I was out of town last week and have been working late every night too try and get caught up.

Willhoites is not my favorite place, but I would have been there if I got out of work a couple hours

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