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Re: TARA DFW North October Happenings

Hey guys...don't forget Chris' ADV ride next Sunday 10/22. This ride will be on the NW side of DFW. Contact Chris directly for more info.

Here is a link to his thread:

If you like spending the day on your bike riding dirt roads, with a great group of guys and don't want to miss this ride. Chris always plans great rides. This one will be a little longer...close to 150 miles, but the roads are supposed to be a little easier than the past few rides, so it should be a fun day.

Usually the groups range in size from 10 to 20 riders...on bikes from 250cc up to its suitable for all riders.


Robert Lee told me about another ride on the last weekend of the month...10/29. The Sooner Adventure Ride for 2017. I don't know anything about it, but it looks like it might be a good time. Robert probably has more info and can give you advice on the ride.

The website is:

If I can get the time off...I might see you up there!

Remember...get out and ride!
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