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Re: Stripped Pinch Bolt

Originally Posted by TVgod View Post
Success. Hit it with PB Blaster twice a day for four days. Hammered in a torx and loosened with a breaker bar. I was ready to still strain and barely get it loose on the first turn. In actually came out easily. Obviously the penetrating oil was the trick. I probably could have loosened it without pounding the torx in so far. Hard to know at this point. The important thing is that it worked!

Thanks to all of you for all your input.
the exhaust bolts on a DR350 that i just bought were frozen in the head. sprayed cable lube on them for three days and each day i would tap them with a light hammer. on the fourth day, I put the allen wrench in and they just went "pop" and out they came. yeah soak them, tap them,patience and pray.
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