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Re: DirtWise After Action Report

Good report Charles. Considering we were the only riders on larger, street legal 4 stroke bikes, we did pretty good. Short of the guy "Ken" on a CRF450 most of the other riders had smaller KTM 2 strokes.

The one thing that became evident rather quickly is that we were out of shape compared to the other riders. The trails were pretty beat up and rutted in a major way but still doable. My problem here was that I had to spend too much time getting out of the way as the faster riders bagan to lap us.

I noticed that we were able to complete most of the drills but at a slower pace than the other, more experianced riders. The "U" shaped rut had me beat. I never did get around one properly. By mid morning the second day muscle fatigue started to set in and I couldn't keep the pace. Ended up doing one or two trys at a drill and moved off to the side as to not slow up the other riders. Operating the clutch at this point was becomming a chore.

Your son Matthew was looking good out there. He had some trouble grinding the log due to the ground clearance of his bike. Shane seemed to offer some one on one instruction that helped Matthew gain the confidence to clear the log on the other side. Shane also stayed on me for using more than two fingers on the clutch and seemed to be watching everyone closely.

All in all a had a great time and I feel that the instruction was well worth the money. Other than the trails being less than ideal the class size could have been smaller. What happend to water crossings? Thought that was part of the class?

One thing to remember about the trail riding portion is this. Shane kept telling the young ones that it wasn't a race. We were supposed to be practicing our slow ride skills and line selection on the trail. Somehow this was lost in translation.
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