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Re: What To Do? A KLR Quandary.

Originally Posted by Red Brown View Post
The dry weight is at 185kg or 407lbs, while its real-life weight is measured at 210kg or 462lbs.
That's very interesting. I just double-checked the Aug 2011 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) where they compared the 800GS to the Tiger 800XC. They reported wet weights of 489 and 503 respectively. MCN weighs every bike they test in a ready-to-ride state because the manufacturers are notorious for lying about the true weight of motorcycles.

There is a 27 lb difference between what MCN reports and what WebBikeWorld reports - and 27 lbs is a pretty big difference. Perhaps the difference is found in the amount of fuel in the bike when measured.

As a point of comparison MCN reports 409 lbs for first generation model KLR and 428 lbs for the 2nd gen version.

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