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Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post
There is a 27 lb difference between what MCN reports and what WebBikeWorld reports - and 27 lbs is a pretty big difference. Perhaps the difference is found in the amount of fuel in the bike when measured.

As a point of comparison MCN reports 409 lbs for first generation model KLR and 428 lbs for the 2nd gen version.
MCL weight calculation seem to fluctuate a bit especially when they are stepping on each other's toes and trying to have the marketing upper hand.

When fully loaded, farkled ready for class 1-2 roads and general light touring duty, the little extra weight won't matter much. I think also having a better power to weight ratio is more desirable than a slightly lesser weight and a noticeable less power to weight ratio.

Let's not forget the pleasures of fuel injection.

As for Phillip's quandary, I think his second generation would be better sold and as an alternative acquiring the 800GS for better off-road riding performance and extended highway duty. Of course, if he decides to exclusively trailer, then lower cc thumper would be a more suitable choice. If Phillip is under a very tight budget, then a first generation KLR with perhaps a 690 cc engine mod etc. would be a prudent alternative.

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